Public Conferences and Academic Seminars:

Art That Gives A Voice To The Refugees | Bryan Mc Cormack (TEDxPrague, 2017)

Bryan Mc Cormack | YTT Human-Rights and Gender-Equality Education Programs Speech (Reggio Emilia, Italy, 7th January 2020)

Bryan Mc Cormack | "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow" by the Dům knihy Ostrava (Czech Republic, 2018)

Bryan Mc Cormack | "YTT Human-Rights and Gender-Equality Education Programs" for the final Inclusive Education Conference at Roma Tre University. (Rome, Italy, 14th February 2020)

YTT Conference/Seminar Listing:

-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Effects of a learning program for primary school pupils on refugee/migrant prejudice," at the International Congress “Societies for the society” organised by the Italian Scientific Association SIRD, SIREM, SIPES, SIEMeS, Rome, Italy.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Effects of a learning program for primary school pupils on refugee/migrant prejudice," at the XXXII Italian National Annual Congress on Developmental and Educational Psychology, Naples, Italy.
-"Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: A program on migration/human-rights," at the 29th EDEN Annual International Conference: Connecting through Educational Technology to produce effective learning environments, Bruges, Belgium.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow:Human Rights Futures Conference," at the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, Sheffield, U.K.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: "Art That Gives A Voice To The Refuges/Migrant Populations," TEDx Talks, Prague, Czech Republic.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: An Educational Visual Language," Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, U.K.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: The Refugee/Migrant Voice," Villa Médicis, Rome, Italy.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility,"  The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, University of London, U.K.
- Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: The Refugee/Migrant Voice," Venice Art Night, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility," Fondation Engie, Paris, France.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility," Design for Social Impact, Paris, France.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility," FM Paris, France.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow:Traceability is Credibility," Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility," Forum, Bucharest, Romania.
-“Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility,” Meltingpot Forum, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
- "30th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Human-Rights Educational Research," Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy.
- “19th ASEM Seminar on Human Rights Education," Tromsø, Norway.
-“YTT Human-Rights/Gender-Equality Training with the Madhya Pradesh Police Department," Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, U.K.