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Our programs have been researched and piloted-tested by co-operating with dozens of local organisations and in collaboration with thousands of refugee/displaced populations, from more than 60 nationalities (3 to 70 yrs old) in more than forty sites in nine different countries. YTT is founded on the continual research work that we do in association with these communities. Here is a selection of the principal locations where we have worked:

France: La Cimade Refugee Centre, Massy. Stalingrad Street Refugee Camp, Paris. Cimade Béziers Refugee Shelter, Béziers. St. Denis Street Refugee Camp, Paris. Humanitarian Centre for Migrants, Paris. Petit Forêt Refugee Camp, Calais. Centre Secours Catholique, Calais. Old Lidl Refugee Camp, Calais.

Greece: City Plaza Hotel Refugee Squat, Athens. Notara 26 Refugee Squat, Athens. Skaramagas Refugee Camp (including Hope School) Athens. Estia Refugee Shelter (Arsis), Athens. Irida Refugee Shelter Athens. Samos Refugee Camp (with Medin), Samos Island. Kara Tepe Refugee Camp, Lesbos Island. High-School Refugee Squat, Athens. Society For The Care of Minors, Center for Unaccompanied Minors, Athens.

Italy: Moi Refugee Squat, Turin. CAS Fiuggi Refugee Centre, Fiuggi.

Serbia: Adasevci Refugee Camp, (on the Serbian/Croatian Border) Vojvodina. PIN Refugee Centre, Belgrade. Principovac Refugee Camp, Sid. Obrenovac Refugee Camp, Belgrade.

England: Sheffield Refugee Centre, Sheffield.

Romania: Bucharest Centre.

Portugal: CPR: Bobadela Center for Refugees, Lisbon.

Morocco: CCSM Offices, Rabat.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: AidBrigade Community Centre, Sarajevo and Ušivak Refugee Camp, Ušivak.

Education in Emergencies

Some of the sites where we have worked

(Part of the research in these sites was funded by Fondation Engie)

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