Diverse YTT Research:

Although our main research is continuously led by Roma Tre University and Sheffield Hallam University, since 2018, YTT has additionally collaborated with several leading Universities and Institutions on specific components that have also assisted in the development of our psychosocial support and fundamental rights distance-learning programs for refugee/migrant children. Some of these research partnerships have been specific singular ventures whilst others are on-going.


Sapienza University di Roma:

Since 2019, the Department of Development and Social Psychology of Sapienza University di Roma has been working alongside Roma Tre University and YTT on aspects of the reduction of inter-ethnic prejudice within our educational modules.


The Reggio Children Foundation:

Since 2020, YTT has been interfacing with the Reggio Children Foundation on a process of connecting the YTT Approach with the world famous Reggio Emilia Approach, to develop pedagogical and educational practices for refugee/migrant children.

The University of Modena-Reggio Emilia:

YTT is in the process of establishing a research-partnership with the University of Modena-Reggio Emilia.

Bournemouth University:

Since 2020, YTT along with the Departments for Performance for Stage & Screen and of Law and Criminology at Sheffield Hallam University, have been collaborating with the Department of Law and Humanities at Bournemouth University on a planned Human/Gender-Rights Education Project in India.

Cadi Ayyad University Marrakech, Abdelmalek Essaadi University Tangier & OFPPT Vocational Career Centers in Casablanca and Tangier:

In 2019, YTT designed and implemented a series of YTT fundamental rights workshops, in collaboration with USAID and the Moroccan Ministry of Education, for several groups of Moroccan youth (aged: 13-22 yrs old). This program focused on social-inclusion, gender-equality, empathy and the acceptance of cultural dissimilarity.

Note: This research concluded with highly positive impactful qualitative results from all the participants.

Young Moroccans participating in our 2019 fundamental rights workshops

(HLM) French Social Housing Organisation:

In 2019, YTT piloted an inclusion-study workshop for employees (aged: 24-38 yrs old) from the national French social housing organisation. This research workshop raised awareness to fundamental human rights and the cultural differences of refugee/migrant families and their process of integration within the French social welfare system.

The International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina:

In 2018 and 2019, YTT developed with the International University of Sarajevo/Balkan Studies Centre, research on the refugee/migrant crisis, particularly in the Balkan region. This study led to the creation of an information handbook for  displaced refugee/migrant populations on the move throughout the Balkan migratory route and made available for free in 12 languages: Amharic, Bosnian, English, French, German, Arabic, Urdu, Hausa, Polish, Russian, Uzbek and Turkish.

YTT Balkan Studies Handbook