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Our Impact

4000 girls/children/women

60 nationalities

40 locations

9 countries

YTT Gender-Equality Education three year program forecasted reach in Uganda:

20,000-25,000 girls/children/women

60-80 teachers

25-40 schools

YTT Education in Emergencies (EiE) program has reached:

Here are some of our YTT-Trained school-teachers from Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement speaking about the impact of the YTT Gender-Equality Education program.

Does YTT Have Impact With Your Students?
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Video 1:

“Does the YTT Gender-Equality Program have an impact with your students (learners)?"

Statements from YTT teachers at Highland Secondary School, Koro Primary School, Alaba Primary School & Kena Valley Primary School.