YTT Fieldwork:

Since 2016 YTT has, so far, visited and/or conducted YTT drawing workshops in over 40 refugee/migrant camps/centers and squats around the world. Partnering with dozens of humanitarian organizations and collaborating with thousands of refugees/migrants. Our progression as an educational non-profit is founded on the continual work that we do in cooperation with these communities. On site, our specially trained teams administer and implement YTT drawing workshops with thousands of locally-based refugee/migrant populations, thus continuously expanding the YTT visual language database to unceasingly develop our different human-rights and gender-equality education programs. Central to YTT are these communities, offering each person, the majority of whom are children, the opportunity to communicate and profoundly express themselves through our drawing workshops. Continually growing and expanding, YTT is and will be the voice of every voiceless community and population across the globe with fieldwork having already ensued in:


Adasevci Refugee Camp, Vojvodina, Serbia

PIN Refugee Centre, Belgrade, Serbia

Principovac Refugee Camp, Sid, Serbia

Obrenovac Refugee Camp, Belgrade, Serbia  



Sheffield Refugee Centre, Sheffield, U.K.



Moabit hilft Refugee Association, Berlin, Germany



Trampoline House, Copenhagen, Denmark



CPR : Bobadela Center for Refugees, Lisbon, Portugal



CCSM Offices, Rabat, Morocco

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH):  

AidBrigade Community Centre, Sarajevo (BiH)

Ušivak Camp, Ušivak, Bosnia and Herzegovina




La Cimade Refugee Center, Massy, France

Stalingrad Street Refugee Camp, Paris, France

Cimade Béziers Refugee Shelter, Béziers, France

St. Denis Street Refugee Camp, Paris, France

Humanitarian Centre for Migrants, Paris, France

Petit Forêt Refugee Camp, Calais, France

Centre Secours Catholique, Calais, France

Old Lidl Refugee Camp, Calais, France


City Plaza Hotel Refugee Squat, Athens, Greece

Notara 26 Refugee Squat, Athens, Greece

Skaramagas Refugee Camp (including Hope School) Athens, Greece

Estia Refugee Shelter (Arsis), Athens, Greece

Irida Refugee Shelter Athens, Greece

Samos Refugee Camp (with Medin), Samos Island, Greece

Kara Tepe Refugee Camp, Lesbos Island, Greece

High-School Refugee Squat, Athens, Greece

Society For The Care of Minors, Center for Unaccompanied Minors, Athens, Greece


Moi Refugee Squat, Turin, Italy

CAS Fiuggi Refugee Center, Fiuggi, Italy