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Meeting-up with the YTT-Roma Tre University team & giving a YTT Workshop in Rome, Italy

Recently, YTT visited several elementary schools in Rome where our Inclusion/PVE/Human-rights Educational program is currently finishing-up for the summer and we met-up with our new YTT school teachers who will run our programs in more schools in September. We also gave a YTT Workshop led by YTT president Bryan Mc Cormack, Prof. Paola Perucchini & Dr. Henry Bell for post-graduate Master students in Advanced Studies in Museum Education.

Held at the MUSED Department of Education Sciences, Centro di Didattica Museale, Università degli Studi Roma Tre. Based on the concept which sees museums as teaching and learning environments, and Universities as active social actors, the YTT workshop promoted the building of common shared social memory realized through museum based social inclusive systems, including innovative strategy for social inclusion, derived from the creation of the YTT teaching methodology, developing cross sectional competences in both museum professionals and museum visitors.

The YTT performance methodology was implemented over the course of a 90 minute workshop in the spirit of inclusive focus of the session. With 50 YTT drawings as core materials, Dr Bell led the student group in a series of interactive performances (across an entire floor of the museum) via an adapted form of the discursive Image Theatre technique. The focus of this work enabled the participants to interact with the life experiences and narratives found within the YTT drawings but also consider how YTT methodologies could be deployed by the students in their roles as future museum professionals.

The YTT educational program, in partnership with the Department of Education at Roma Tre University, is continuing to enlarge with a several new elementary schools as well as ten new YTT teachers coming onboard. Promoting inclusion, the prevention of violent extremism (PVE), global refugee/migrant understanding, equality and fundamental human rights.

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