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Step Four & Five of the YTT Educational Program in Rome, Italy:

YTT has recently completed Steps Four and Five of its Educational Program in Rome, Italy, in several of the local schools: The Istituto Comprensivo Artemisia Gentileschi Primary School, Istituto Comprensivo Simonetta Salacone Primary School, the Istituto Comprensivo Nando Martellini Primary School. Istituto Comprensivo Stefanelli Primary School, as well as the Istituto San Giovanni Bosco delle FMA School.

The schools tutors: Maria Catalano, Sara Gabrielli, Giusy Piccione and Dimitrie Worms, have been working with their students on their own drawing workshops, as well as taking part in activities that explore themes of identity, in relation to migrants and refugees.

This is allowed YTT to firmly establish our Educational Program, which aims to aid a global refugee/migrant understanding/integration, build on anti-discrimination and a pro diversity, anti-racism practice, which further establishes and promotes equality and fundamental human rights.

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