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UPDATE: YTT Progress

By Elizabeth Pennington

Since 2017, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT) has continued to progress with fieldwork being conducted in the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Serbia, Morocco and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Simultaneously, the organization has been working to establish its own Educational Programs and Toolkits, in partnership with several internationally recognized universities, leading academics, researchers and teachers to aid in the teaching, training, learning and understanding of key humanitarian issues, mainly: Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE), migration, integration, anti-discrimination, refugees/migrants populations and human-rights. These programs have recently been launched in several Primary Schools in Rome, Italy, with the support of our in-country academic cooperation with Roma Tre University, local teachers and educational NGO’s.

Also, YTT is currently working to establish other tailor-made Educational Programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the International University of Sarajevo and in other countries across Europe and further afield, to create a unique resource, specific to that nation and to each refugee and migrant population within the countries.

YTT Educational Program: Workshop launched in Rome, Italy in early 2019, at several Primary Schools, designed to help students understand key issues that affect refugees and migrants.

As the organization continues to expand, the first steps are on the way to begin working across more regions and countries over the coming months, in the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and East Africa. YTT is also working to establish programs on PVE, Climate-Change Awareness and Women and Children's’ Rights.

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