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YTT Human-Rights & Gender-Equality Programs profiled in Italian Press & at Flags4Rights Exhibition:

Earlier this week (6th January 2020), Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT)'s Human-Rights and Gender-Equality Education programs, were featured by the Italian press in the Gazzetta di Reggio, a newspaper in the Northern Italian city of Reggio Emilia (links provided below), where YTT drawings have also been presented as part of the exhibition 'Flags4Rights,' alongside the Fondazione Reggio Children, in the city.

The 'Flags4Rights' Exhibition, with the support of Stefania Giannini (Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO) and David Sassoli (President of the European Parliament), marks the 30th Anniversary Celebration on Children's Rights. The exhibition includes drawings, made by both refugee children and young people from around the world and turns them into flags, designed to promote peace, unity and equality. These flags have since been displayed around the city of Reggio Emilia.

- To view the Front Page, click here:

- To view the Main Article, click here:

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