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YTT Launches First Educational Program in Italy


Since 2017, the research collaboration between YTT and the Department of Education, Roma Tre University has continually progressed, leading to this next development phase that will be launched in the coming weeks:


A large comprehensive scientific research of the YTT educational program as a tool to facilitate global refugee/migrant understanding/integration, as well as promoting anti-discrimination practice, equality and fundamental human rights.

A part of the YTT-Roma Tre team collaborating together recently at Roma Tre University, Rome.

This scientific research, with an extensive team of researchers, professors, schoolteachers and students will be conducted in a number of different primary schools around Rome to a sizable target audience of young Italian school children.

There will be regular updates posted as this scientific research develops ……

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1 Comment

Miles R
Miles R
Aug 28, 2021

Loved reading this thannk you

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