What We Do:

We are a Paris based, Global Human-Rights/Gender-Equality Education Non-Profit Organization, developing and implementing unparalleled universal human-rights/gender-equality education programs for all elementary and high-school children worldwide, in line with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. From working in more than 40 refugee/migrant camps/centers around the world and from more than three years of research, development and fieldwork (with a team of over 40 volunteers, child-development psychologists, educational scientists, professors, teachers, lawyers and researchers) across 10 countries, collaborating with thousands of refugee/migrant children and working with several leading Universities and dozens of humanitarian organizations, we have created, through the mediums of art and visual-storytelling, the most innovative, unique, syllabus and curriculum that can be used and adapted to every national elementary and high-school educational system in the world. Our programs are available in different time durations, a multitude of languages, as stand alone educational lessons and/or modifiable to most standard classroom disciplines. Our modules have been running in state schools in a number of countries in Northern and Southern Europe, the Balkans and North Africa, where research results scientifically demonstrate a significant reduction of innate prejudice and racism, a dramatic increase in long-term cognitive and emotional empathy and students’ profound understanding of fundamental human-rights and gender-equality. Presently, we are the only developer of human-rights/gender-equality educational programs for school-children on the global educational market.

“Human-Rights and Gender-Equality education is not an exercise in bureaucratic and academic theory for publishing papers and reports, it is a weapon to combat human-rights and gender abuses. This should have concrete impact on the frontline by trying to save and help humanity directly, as fundamental societal change and is needed urgently." - Bryan Mc Cormack.