Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT), is a Paris-based, global Humanitarian Organisation founded at the end of 2017 by artist Bryan Mc Cormack, after an exhibition which included drawings made by several hundred refugee children, that he did for the 57th International Venice Biennale. Since then, YTT has grown into an international non-profit, developing and implementing unparalleled Gender-Equality Education programs within Education in Emergencies (EiE) environments for child/youth communities impacted by conflict and/or disaster. Our programs are tailor-designed and adapted to areas of the world where human-rights and gender abuses, particularly to children and particularly to girls, are the most prevalent, equipping fragile communities and populations with the most imperative tools required to combat against child trafficking, gender-based violence, discrimination and exploitation.

Who Are We?


Founder: Bryan Mc Cormack

President: Claire de Chassey

Global Project Manager: Bryan Mc Cormack

YTT Teacher Trainers:  Claire de Chassey, Samantha Barroero & Laurent Friquet

Gender Programming Specialist & Communications:  Elizabeth Pennington

YTT Curator: Samantha Barroero

Legal Counsel:  Claire de Chassey

Video Editing: Curtis Argent

Web Design:  Alexis Champion

YTT Research & Development:

Professor Paola Perucchini (Roma Tre University)

Professor Fridanna Maricchiolo (Roma Tre University)

Dr. Henry Bell (University of the West of Scotland)

Sara Gabrielli (Roma Tre University/Sapienza University di Roma)

Maria Catalano (Roma Tre University)

Multimedia Manager:  Laurent Friquet