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Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow (YTT) is a prominent Paris-based global humanitarian organisation, founded at the close of 2017 by the artist Bryan Mc Cormack. Its inception followed a thought-provoking exhibition he did, as part of the 57th International Venice Biennale, showcasing the artistic creations of thousands of refugee children. This remarkable exhibit left an indelible impact on Mc Cormack, prompting him to establish YTT.

Over time, YTT has blossomed into a distinguished international non-profit entity. Its primary focus revolves around the conceptualisation and execution of unparalleled Gender-Equality Education and GBV Prevention initiatives that offer invaluable support to girl, child and youth populations.

Central to YTT's essence is its ability to craft tailor-made programs meticulously designed to address the unique needs of specific regions across the globe. This approach ensures that YTT's interventions resonate most effectively in marginalised communities and conflict zones where instances of gender disparities, GBV violence and human rights violations are most pronounced. 

The programs orchestrated by YTT equip these communities with indispensable tools, enabling them to counteract the menace of child trafficking, gender-based violence, discrimination, and exploitation. This resolute commitment to empowerment is a beacon of hope for those facing adversity, as YTT paves the way for a brighter future where equity and justice prevail.

Who We Are


Founder: Bryan Mc Cormack

President: Claire de Chassey

Who Are We

Professor Paola Perucchini (Roma Tre University)

YTT Research & Development:

Executive Board:

Claire de Chassey, Veronique Fortune, Marie Brette

Professor Fridanna Maricchiolo (Roma Tre University)

Dr. Henry Bell (University of the West of Scotland)

Sara Gabrielli (Roma Tre University/Sapienza University di Roma)

Maria Catalano (Roma Tre University)

Global Project Manager: Bryan Mc Cormack

YTT Onsite Team: Samantha Barroero, Stephanie Bournay, Laurent Friquet, Chris Schopfer, Kintu Augustine

Gender Programming Specialist & Communications:  Elizabeth Pennington

Clinical Program Development Team: Chaundra Finley-Merrell LCSW, Anne Villano MSW and Costanza Cavaggioni

Design: Katia Vedel 

Video Editing: Curtis Argent

Web Design:  Alexis Champion

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