YTT Psychosocial Support & Fundamental Rights Distance-Learning Programs:

All our programs have been researched, developed and designed to provide made-to-measure learning content for aid workers and volunteers, without prior teaching experience, who are working with refugee/migrant children and youth. Additionally, as refugee/migrant populations are diverse and varied geographically, so to are our programs, which are adapted to specific refugee/migrant communities, situations, learning environments, needs and age groups.


Under the general title of: “Exploring the World Around Us Through a Shared Visual Language,” our programs are designed to be easily accessible and formatted as a downloadable instructional workbook with supplementary modules and that can be employed in all possible contexts and environments. Containing an instructor’s step-by-step manual, learning objectives, a series of specific activities, guides and materials to be taught by aid workers and volunteers with their learners. Also included in our programs are impact performance assessments, comprising of instructor observations, YTT drawing interpretations and feedback questionnaires, addressed by email to the YTT team, surveyed analytically to produce performance reports demonstrating the efficiency of our programs for both the participants and instructors.


Note: Our impact performance assessments are produced in real-time to constantly advance and tailor our programs effectively.

YTT Distance-Learning Program Sample Pages