YTT Human/Child-Rights and Climate Crisis Education Programs:

Researched, developed and designed to provide tailor-made human/child-rights and climate crisis content/programs adapted to the local teacher and pupil communities within the elementary/high-school setting and age groups. Created as interactive independent lessons and/or as suggested programs of study across a range of subject areas and disciplines, including social-sciences, art, theatre, geography, languages and history. Promoting fundamental human/child-rights and climate crisis, the prevention of violence against children, diverse multi-ethnic societies, women’s/children’s rights and climate change migration. These curricula, presently available in English, French, Italian and Arabic, are instructed through the YTT Teacher’s Workbooks which currently are available as downloadable textbooks but can easily be transformed into digital/online experiences, were created by experts in the field and devised to be used in a bespoke fashion by teachers and educators who have a unique understanding of their classes, Enabling human/child-rights and climate crisis to become a part of millions of young people’s education and lives.

YTT Human/Child-Rights and Climate Crisis Teacher’s Workbooks:

These easily accessible and downloadable teacher’s workbooks, under the general title: “Exploring the World Around Us,", are both a series’ of lessons and guides to be used by teachers and instructors with their classes. Currently, there are a number of programs available in 2 time durations: a two hour lesson and a four hour in five day program. All our workbook versions, propose a teacher’s step-by-step manual, learning objectives and strategies along with specific activities, information and materials.



The YTT Human/Child-Rights and Climate Crisis Education Program, developed and implemented in partnership with our long-term academic collaborator, the Department of Education at Roma Tre University, is currently underway with hundreds of 5thgrade children in several elementary schools in Rome.


Building on YTT’s collaboration with USAID and the Moroccan Ministry of Education to design & implement a series of Human/Child-Rights and Climate Crisis Workshops at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, OFPPT Vocational Career Centers in Casablanca and Tangier and the Abdelmalek Essaadi University in Tangier, YTT is currently finalizing the Arabic/ French version of “Exploring the World Around Us” for Morocco. Initial employment of our human-rights education modules is programmed in a number of elementary schools in the Salé/Rabat region.





















Continuing-on from YTT's collaboration with the International University of Sarajevo and the Balkan Studies Center on the Summer School on “Migration Management in the Balkans” along with the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, University of Zenica, IOM and the Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey. Our human/child-rights and climate crisis education programs in the local languages of Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian and Cyrillic are currently in development specifically for the educational system of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The expected implementation of these programs in several selected primary schools is impending.