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Step Two of the YTT Educational Program in Rome, Italy

We have just finished all of Step One and most of Step Two of our YTT Educational Pilot Program in several Primary Schools in Rome, in collaboration with the Department of Education, Roma Tre University.

Teachers Maria Catalano, Giusy Piccione, Sara Gabrielli and Dimitrie Worms have been working with their pupils at Istituto Comprensivo Artemisia Gentileschi Primary School, Istituto Comprensivo Simonetta Salacone Primary School, Istituto Comprensivo Nando Martellini Primary School, Istituto Comprensivo Stefanelli Primary School and Istituto San Giovanni Bosco delle FMA School.

The feedback and impact has already been amazing from/for both the children and their teachers.

Teacher Maria Catalano and her pupils at Istituto Comprensivo Artemisia Gentileschi Primary School are working on the concepts of the refugee/migrant crisis through the YTT drawing exercises. Creating comprehension and empathy.

Our YTT Educational Pilot Program in Italy is developing to facilitate global refugee/migrant understanding/integration, anti-discrimination and pro diversity-anti racism practice promoting equality and fundamental human rights.

There will be regular updates posted as the YTT Educational Program develops in Rome and Italy ……

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