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YTT Human-Rights Education Workshop for the Balkans:

Between 14th-19th July, Dr Henry Bell from Sheffield Hallam University represented Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow at the BSC Summer School on Critical Thinking Migration Management in the Balkans: Challenges and Obstacles hosted by the International University Sarajevo and the Balkan Studies Centre.

Dr Bell, Performer Director of YTT, gave a presentation/workshop of the YTT Methodology contributing to a programme of expertise alongside representatives from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Council of Europe. Delegates at the school came from a wide diversity of nationalities and disciplines with academics, policy makers and post graduates students from Bosnia, Serbia, USA, Macedonia, UK, Turkey and Montenegro with backgrounds in law, human rights, migration studies, anthropology, humanities and psychology all contributing to an engaged and fascinating atmosphere in the YTT presentation/workshop.

The presentation/workshop itself took place on 17th July and served both as a demonstration of the YTT Performance Methodology but also a comprehensive introduction the YTT Association. To begin with, delegates took part in active work - drawing workshops and performance work which juxtaposed materials by refugee/migrants from the YTT Refugee/Migrant Cultural Heritage Visual Database with work created on the day by the presentation/workshop participants. The simple drama techniques at the centre of the YTT Performance Methodology were taken on board with great spirit by the group, despite their lack of a performance background, and there was a palpable sense of empathetic connection to the refugee/migrant drawings as well as a stimulating and passionate debate as to what action could be taken in response to the current migration situation.

Future collaborations with other academic and NGO partners were also discussed as further applications of the YTT methodologies were considered in response to the different migration contexts found within the wide range of countries represented in the room.

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