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Yesterday Today Tomorrow

A world in which every single refugee girl, woman and child is empowered through the YTT Gender Equality Education Program

Young school children from different refugee schools inside Bidi Bidi participating in the

Our Impact

25.000 +

received education and training on gender equality and GBV prevention

75.000 + 
community members

received education and training on gender equality and GBV prevention

Our Learning Approach

The YTT Learning Approach revolves around the profound impact of visual expressions in cultivating self-awareness and community understanding. This distinctive approach comprises two key pillars: the YTT Visual Language and the YTT Methodology

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School-children performing a YTT Gender-Equality song as part of the YTT school ceremony in Rwamwanja refugee settlement on the Ugandan-Congolese border

Moonlight Agnes, teacher in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement.

“We shall work at changing everything and at the end of the day, girls will also know their worth in life.”

Agnes Tusimire, teacher in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement.

“YTT gives us the support such as that girls can get equal opportunities as a boys."

Sharon Apolot, a teacher in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement.

"With YTT, parents will start treating children equally and giving them responsibilities equally."

Where We Work

Commencing in May 2022, our extensive Gender-Equality Education and GBV Prevention program in Bidi-Bidi, Rwamwanja, and Nakivale refugee settlements is dedicated to directly combatting and reshaping the challenges endured by tens of thousands of young girls, women and children who discontinue their education at the primary level. 

“YTT is a game-changer”

Aluonzi Victor, teacher in Alaba Refugee Primary School, Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement

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